Solidum Partners AG is an independent investment advisory company specialised in investments and fund management of insurance-event linked securities. Persons who access the material made available by Solidum Partners AG (“Solidum”) at its website www.solidumpartners.ch on the worldwide web, agree to the following terms. If you do not accept these terms, you should refrain from using the Solidum web site.

Access restrictions

The information, data, texts, graphics, images and other publications on the Solidum website are not intended for persons from countries where access to and the dissemination of such information would require prior registration, authorization or approval by Solidum. Further, the Solidum website may not be accessed nor may information on the website be retrieved by persons who, due to their place of residence, nationality or other reasons, are subject to a legal regime under which accessing such information or websites is unlawful.

Not an offer or recommendation

All information provided on this website is for information purposes only. In particular, the information constitutes neither a recommendation, an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell investment products nor to effect or enter into any other transactions.

Not an advice

The information provided on this website is neither an investment advice nor an advice about financial, legal, tax or other matters. The information is not a suitable and sufficient basis on which to make decisions about investments or other transactions. Therefore, it does not replace the advice provided by a qualified professional.

No guarantee of the information’s topicality, accuracy or completeness

The content of the Solidum website may change at any time and without prior announcement. Market and investment reports on this webpage are written and produced by Solidum employees (except on the ‘Blog’ pages, where the contents and information is provided by the interested community and does not necessarily represent Solidum’s opinions.) Market and investment reports and other publications on the Solidum website are based on sources of information that Solidum considers to be reliable. Nevertheless, Solidum cannot vouch for the content of the information. Additionally, the information cannot be regarded as a full account or summary of the investments, transactions, markets or developments mentioned therein. Therefore, Solidum does not guarantee or accept liability for the accuracy, completeness or topicality of the information.

Solidum reserves the right to modify the contents of the webpage at any time and without notice.

Linked websites

Solidum has no influence over the layout or content of the websites of other operators, even if those are linked to the Solidum website or contain links to the Solidum website. Therefore, Solidum cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, topicality or legality of the content of third-party websites or for any information, offers or services contained on them. Responsibility and liability for linked third-party websites lie with the operators in question.

Solidum investment products are not registered for distribution in all countries

The information on the Solidum webpage does not address specific persons; it is intended for a readership that is generally interested in the Solidum products. Investment in any products should only be performed after a careful study of the relevant offering materials including the respective investment guidelines and the annual reports. Solidum products are registered for distribution only in specific countries. The Solidum Website is not directed to any person in any jurisdiction where (by reason of that person's nationality, residence or otherwise) the publication or availability of the Solidum Website is prohibited. Such persons must not access the Solidum Website.

The Solidum funds are not registered in the USA and the Solidum Funds are not offered, sold or delivered into the USA or to US-Persons. Nothing on this webpage constitutes an offer or an invitation to invest in Solidum products in the USA of to US-Persons.

Local legal restrictions

The Solidum website is not intended for persons who, due to their place of residence, nationality or other reasons, are subject to a legal regime under which accessing such information or websites is unlawful. Persons under such restrictions must not access the Solidum webpage. The products and services described on this webpage may be subject to local legal restrictions under cross-border considerations. Hence it may not be possible for Solidum to offer services or products in specific countries.

Rights of ownership

All rights and titles to the Solidum website and the information contained on it are owned by Solidum or the holder of the right in question. Individual pages or sections of the Solidum website may only be stored or printed out for private and internal purposes and provided neither the copyright notices nor the other designations protected by law are removed. Even after information have been stored, printed out or otherwise used, all rights remain with Solidum or the holder of the right in question. The reproduction (in full or in part), in particular the use of texts, sections of text or image material, transfer (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the Solidum website for public or commercial purposes requires Solidum’s prior written consent.

No liability (exclusion of liability)

Solidum expressly disclaims all liability for direct or indirect losses (including lost profits), damage, liability claims, receivables, costs or consequential damage that result from the use of or access to the Solidum website or from links to third-party websites or that may occur due to information being retrieved on the Solidum website.

Solidum also disclaims all liability for any kind of manipulation of the user’s IT system. We specifically draw attention to the risks of viruses or other harmful programs and to the possibility of hacking attacks.

Investment risk disclaimer

The value of investments may rise or fall at any time. Positive performance in the past is therefore no guarantee of positive performance in the future. In addition, investments in foreign currencies are subject to currency fluctuations. There is a possibility that investors may not receive back any or all of the amount they invested.

We expressly point out that some investment products show a high volatility. Such investment products can be subject to high fluctuations of their value.

Potential investors should find out about the possible tax consequences of purchasing, owning and selling investments at their place of residence and, if necessary, obtain advice at their place of residence.

Severability clause

Should one or more provisions of these terms of use be invalid, unlawful or ineffective, the text as a whole shall remain binding.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The user’s access to the Solidum website, the use of the Solidum website and these terms of use shall be subject to Swiss law. Zurich shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.